This site is created for anyone searching for great photo or portrait services.  We have been in this business for nearly 40 years and have been part of many interesting changes.  We are masters of the craft and teach dozens of new and experienced photographers each year.  We continually take continuing classes ourselves!

The most interesting changes from analog to digital have been in the people relationship and photography craftsman areas rather than the actual operation of the camera.  The irony of “digital making everything easier” is more of a myth than a reality. 

Yes, digital is great and has opened many possibilities for creating images that were difficult or impossible in the analog world.  We embrace all of the photograhy imaging technologies and do our best to understand and use each for the best use of our clients.

Many people call each week confused about getting unfinished portrait or commercial products, being handed discs filled with images that are not color corrected, sized, or retouched.  Many of these folks wonder what happened to the friendly, full-service professional photographer they had come to expect through the years.

The reason for the birth of this blog is to give you a place to ask questions and get the  answers you deserve.  We want everyone associated with this craft to give you  excellent products with amazing service.  We want you to demand that every dollar you invest is backed by an unconditional guarantee that gives you peace of mind. 

Anything we can do to help you achieve this end is part of our mission.  We are available by email and phone and welcome your questions and comments.  Please refer to the Contact category for the most current contact information.