New Category Introduced: Great High School Senior Portraits Discussion

Graduation from High School is an important part of the American culture as it is around the world. 

In the USA, the “Senior Portrait” has taken on the rite of passage notion that is unique.  Other countries and societies celebrate this entry into adulthood, exit from the home, or other coming-of-age passage in different ways, and it is always an important mark in a young person’s life.

This senior portrait has grown to offer the option of each individual to express their unique characters, hobbies, school and non-school activities, toys, attitudes, aspirations, and dreams.  We are so visually oriented that “regular” portraits are just not enough even though parents often demand the traditional poses.

A senior photographer must possess a broad base of experience, photographic craftsmanship, and skill.  This person must also have an uncanny sense of the teenage aura.  Being able to have fun, practice ESP, NLP, and just have a “go-with-the-flow” attitude while maintaining some type of control is essential. 

This is where the senior and the photographer often team up to create images that may be difficult to plan or totally verbalize before the photo is actually created!

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