New Get Great Portraits Photography Discussion Category

You can discuss the many aspects of having portraits created.  You will also notice that there are several other discussions for family portraits, High School Senior portraits, and weddings with more categories to be added when interest demands and time allows.

If you are a client looking to have a portrait created and wanting to find the photographer who has the experience, skill set, and venue to do what you want, this is the place to ask the questions and let us help you find the right photographer.

If you are a photographer with the skills to create portraits, or wanting to upgrade your craft to a higher level, this is a great place to ask questions about lighting, posing, and the other fine aspects of photographing people.

You will see by participating in this discussion that the needs and duties of both parties in this creation process must be matched carefully.  Through this process you will create a better finished portrait that will see its value appreciate through enjoyment rather than gather dust in the dark corner of a basement closet.

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