Uncategorized Category is Renamed: Anything & Everything About Great Photos

Photos are one of your most prized possessions.  There is no argument about this.

As times and styles change, you may change what’s hanging on your walls and move the older photos to an album, another room, or storage. 

One reason for this exchange of ideas is to help people like you and me get great photos and take good care of the ones we have. 

If you have prints and negatives, make sure they are in a cool, dry place that is easily accessible in case of emergency.  If you have digital files, put those on archival storage and keep them with your negative and important prints. 

The best insurance you can ever get to make sure that your photos are enjoyed and saved for future generations is to share them freely with everyone you know.  It’s the easiest thing to do and makes everyone happy at the same time—what could be better than that!

As you share your thoughts or ask questions, we can add new discussion threads and categories so please give us your input. 

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