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Great Time of Year For Senior Photos on Location

Monday, July 14th, 2008

Senior portraits are so much fun to create outdoors when the light is right and the weather is great.  In our part of the country that seems to be most of the year!

This close up was taken on the Monument later in the day using Independence rock as the out-of-focus background. 

How do you think this works? 

What do you like most about this type of portrait? 

Why does it involve you not only with the lighting that shapes her face and illuminates her eyes, but also gives you a sense of place?

If you were having a portrait created, tell us what you would do in a location and time like this that would be similar, and what would you do differently?

Fun senior photos are the only way to go!

New Wedding Photography Discussion and Referral Category

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Weddings are that “once-in-a-lifetime” event that must be planned and captured with care by people who like to be around each other. 

Since there are no retakes or “do-over’s”, this is often the ultimate test of a photographer.

This person or team of photographers must be so adept at the craft that the camera functions are nearly automatic.  A wedding photographer must possess nerves of steel while being an instant problem solver. 

Your photographic team must be so great with people that a nervous bride, crying flower girl, and feuding in-laws are handled with ease so they end up all smiling together for the photos.

It is essential that the couple enjoys their wedding day and allow it to flow smoothly.  They must have time for each other, their families, and their invited guests while getting images that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

This all requires careful planning and cooperation from all parties.  Plenty of time set aside prevents rushing and allows for great photos and great memories.

Teamwork is an absolute requirement for success, fun, and great photos.

New Category Introduced: Great High School Senior Portraits Discussion

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Graduation from High School is an important part of the American culture as it is around the world. 

In the USA, the “Senior Portrait” has taken on the rite of passage notion that is unique.  Other countries and societies celebrate this entry into adulthood, exit from the home, or other coming-of-age passage in different ways, and it is always an important mark in a young person’s life.

This senior portrait has grown to offer the option of each individual to express their unique characters, hobbies, school and non-school activities, toys, attitudes, aspirations, and dreams.  We are so visually oriented that “regular” portraits are just not enough even though parents often demand the traditional poses.

A senior photographer must possess a broad base of experience, photographic craftsmanship, and skill.  This person must also have an uncanny sense of the teenage aura.  Being able to have fun, practice ESP, NLP, and just have a “go-with-the-flow” attitude while maintaining some type of control is essential. 

This is where the senior and the photographer often team up to create images that may be difficult to plan or totally verbalize before the photo is actually created!

Making It Easier For You To Get A Great Family Portrait Discussion Category

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Family portraits are images that link our past, present, and our future.

Life is so fleeting, it is important that our family groups be recorded so that they become a good part of our memories and our heritage.

Photographers have a responsibility to guide families through this process so that the finished images are well posed, well lighted, and in focus.  Other issues like composition, location, and expression also play a part in creating a work of art.

Creating great value in large wall portraits as well as the important album prints and gifts for friends and relatives should be the common goal.

It is important that families take responsibility to work with their photographer to include as much of their unique family identity as possible. 

Whether creating a serious, formal portrait or a fun, relaxed environmental portrait, the same care in clothing choices, time allotted, and positive attitude apply.

The common element that must always be present is FUN!

New Get Great Portraits Photography Discussion Category

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

You can discuss the many aspects of having portraits created.  You will also notice that there are several other discussions for family portraits, High School Senior portraits, and weddings with more categories to be added when interest demands and time allows.

If you are a client looking to have a portrait created and wanting to find the photographer who has the experience, skill set, and venue to do what you want, this is the place to ask the questions and let us help you find the right photographer.

If you are a photographer with the skills to create portraits, or wanting to upgrade your craft to a higher level, this is a great place to ask questions about lighting, posing, and the other fine aspects of photographing people.

You will see by participating in this discussion that the needs and duties of both parties in this creation process must be matched carefully.  Through this process you will create a better finished portrait that will see its value appreciate through enjoyment rather than gather dust in the dark corner of a basement closet.

New Categories Added For Comments & Questions

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

You will find these new categories helpful in asking questions and making comments.